Ireland wins the Aga Khan Trophy at The Royal Dublin Society’s Horse Show !

10 Aug

Founded in 1731, the aim of the Royal Dublin Society(RDS) has always been to improve Ireland’s economic condition by promoting the development of Agriculture, Arts, Industry and Science. It is a magnificent amenity located in Ballsbridge,one of Dublin’s most salubrious districts, and comprising 40 acres of land.

Last Friday it staged the annual Aga Khan Nations Cup involving national teams from the US, GB, Germany, Italy, NL, Spain, Switzerland and Ireland. It’s always a great day but it’s even sweeter when Ireland wins! I hope the attached photo’s give you some idea of the great buzz and craic that’s to be had at this event.

photo0200_001blin.photo0197_001 (1)  photo0201_001 (1) photo0202_001

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